What Would Jesus Do?

When one thinks of the relationship between crisis and religion, one thing comes to mind. Humans get hope during trying times, from the possibility of deliverance by a force and power, higher and larger than human beings. 

Catastrophes and calamities have a tendency to uproot everything that is around them. Societies, communities, houses, dreams, aspirations, and most importantly, hope. Human beings are social creatures, we find solace in other humans and sometimes even animals. This warmth and comfort, in turn gives humans hope to hold on to when there is nothing else. So in the mind of a human, Community = Hope = Survival, and survival is a basic instinct, making community second nature to us. In moments of crisis, religion provides a community for the disoriented and lost sufferers. They turn to religion in unity, giving them warmth and comfort in a new society. What religion has to offer to people at times like this, more than divine presence and hope of deliverance by a greater being, is a community to belong to. Religion acts as a unifying factor when all other communities and social standings collapse. It binds and unites people from all walks of life, no matter their backgrounds.

This Art series explores the times and events when human beings turn to God and religion, when all else fails, and ask themselves “What would Jesus do?”