What is x Denken?

x Denken, to be brief, is a celebration of style, personality and individuality. 
It is a lookbook style photo project, without exactly being a lookbook. A look book, typically, is a representation of a designer's or stylist's work with no connection to the model’s own sense of style. This, is where x Denken makes its indelible mark. In its own right, x Denken, is a picturesque depiction of the model's own powerful individuality.  

For an x Denken shoot, all the variables are left to the models to decide, from the areas of wardrobe and makeup choice to the location, atmosphere, style and theme of the shoot. Through this, the set portrays a piece of the model's individuality and personality, not only the thought process of an external, singular entity. 

This photo series is my attempt at showcasing how people bear significant resemblance to iced water falling from the sky, a snowflake. From afar, everybody looks particularly similar but by looking at the implicit meaning, by looking below the surface, the volatile yet benign singularity is portrayed clearly.